A Tropical Journey of Loss, Love and Chocolate

From the time I was a child, I dreamt of living on a tropical island in an exotic land. I imagined snorkeling turquoise waters filled with exotic fish while listening to birds chirping from the tree tops. I imagined kayaking from island…

A Guide to Enjoying the Mexican Caribbean during Covid

Playacar beach in Playa del Carmen

The Mexican Caribbean has taken a unique approach to handling the pandemic. On one hand, we are following strict sanitary guidelines. …

Traveling Back in Time to a Secluded Tropical Hideaway in the Mexican Caribbean

Akumal Beach

It was almost 30 years ago when my husband and I decided to take a trip to the Mexican Caribbean. …

The Cheesy Happy Vegan

I had an easy time transitioning into vegetarianism. I had never really liked meat that much before, never ordered a burger or a steak and found hot dogs to be pretty repulsive. I really didn’t think twice about becoming a vegetarian. I could still go to…

Megan Alexander

Chocolate maker. Journalist. Vegan foodie. Traveler. Optimist. Owner at Chocolateria Isla Bella .www.chocolateriaislabella.com

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